Case Studies


Selling TO Amazon versus Selling ON Amazon

Selling To Amazon

Selling to Amazon and 3rd party sellers instigates price wars and destroys brand value

Profit Breakdown

Wholesale price – the cost of goods sold.

You lose sales on your product as the Amazon market floods with low price competitors.

Selling On Amazon

Increase your profit margins by selling at retail rather than wholesale

Profit Breakdown

MAP price – (cost of goods + Amazon fees + inbound shipping + 5% Cart Logic fee)

More profit on every unit sold at MAP-enforced prices.


“Before Cart Logic, we lacked vision and strategy to managing the Amazon channel. Cart Logic was able navigate us thru a complex channel clean up, create product pages and embed a strategy to manage.”

Jody FilkinsCFO, Handful

“Working with Cart Logic, we started from zero sales in late 2014 to over $1M in sales in 2016. These sales/profits have been a tremendous boost to our company. Cart Logic actively promotes the products we sell using sales optimization tactics, SEO, digital marketing, and advertising. I highly recommend Cart Logic.”

Gregory S. RicePresident, Sleep Direct

We’d been selling both ON and TO Amazon, as well as seeing a number of unauthorized sellers and MAP violators, for a few years before we engaged with Cart Logic. They pointed out the benefits of controlling your own products, and helped us optimize our product pages and SEO, create a process for reducing MAP violators on Amazon, and improve inventory management. Both sales revenue and profit margins have increased thanks to the expert team at Cart Logic.”

Lisa JohnsonMarketing Director of Web Properties, InFocus