Amazon Services FAQ

How does Fulfillment by Amazon work?

You ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon is responsible for shipping to your customer, customer service, and returns. With Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon means the customer is guaranteed two day Prime shipping.

What is the Buy Box and how do you win it?

The Buy Box is the name of the big yellow Add to Cart button on each Amazon product page. The most important metric for winning the buy box is having the best price. If the sale price is nearly equal, then the seller with Fulfillment by Amazon will win the buy box.

If two sellers are selling for the same price and both are selling with Fulfillment by Amazon, then the seller account with the most customer reviews and best quality customer reviews will win the buy box.

How does the whole map cleanup process work?

We provide a toolbox of solutions to advise and assist you:

  1. Reporting on all vendors who are currently selling your products on Amazon.
  2. Classify known, authorized sellers versus unknown, unauthorized sellers. 
  3. Provide insights into updating your Amazon marketplace dealer policies.
  4. Investigative research to discover identities of these unauthorized sellers.
  5. Share legal letter language templates: cease and desist notices, intellectual property trademark infringement, and/or distribution of counterfeit goods violations.
  6. Work with Amazon to restrict sellers from being able to sell your products.

How do we send items to Amazon?

You ship your products to Amazon and Amazon ships them to your customers. Amazon has multiple warehouses across the country. Cart Logic collaborates with your warehouse team to make sure that your shipment is executed and labeled with all the best practices.

What are the fees involved with Amazon Prime?

Generally, Amazon’s fee equals 20% – 25% of the total product sale price. Amazon’s fee varies depending on the item weight, dimension, and product category. Look up exact Amazon fees with the Fulfillment by Amazon Price Breakdown and Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

How does Cart Logic manage my account?

Cart Logic focuses on the primary objective: increase your sales revenue and your profit margins simultaneously, by implementing Amazon channel best practices and maximizing your sales with our technical expertise. We offer a team of experts with the knowledge, professionalism and experience to implement custom enterprise Amazon solutions.

What does Cart Logic do to promote my brand?

We offer the following Amazon channel services for implementing scalable growth for your business:

  • Manage inventory with enterprise best practices to maximize sales velocity.
  • Sell products with Prime shipping to provide the best customer experience.
  • Best practices for fulfillment, logistics, operations and customer service.
  • Integrate with your logistics supply chain and current business processes.
  • Accounting and profit margin analysis for all Amazon product sales.
  • Create custom designed product listings on Amazon for new products.
  • Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

How long does it take to get set up on Amazon?

We’re focused on implementing your strategic initiatives quickly. Whether you are large or small, we’ll create a calendar timeline with key milestones for you. You’ll find that we are fast, professional, and efficient. Please contact us for more information about our custom consulting solutions.

Can you give me an example of how this will improve my margins?

You have a product with retail price of $100 where wholesale price is $50 and cost of goods is $25. Fulfilment by Amazon fees including fulfillment and inbound shipping may be approximately $25. Cart Logic commission would be $5 for managing your Amazon account. By selling at wholesale, you receive $50 – $25 = $25 profit per sale. By selling with Cart Logic on Amazon as the manufacturer, you receive $100 – $25 – $25 – $5 = $45 profit per sale.

Margin difference selling TO Amazon vs. Selling ON Amazon

Selling To Amazon
– Selling to Amazon and 3rd party sellers instigates price wars and destroys brand value

Profit Breakdown
Wholesale price – the cost of goods sold.

You lose sales on your product as the Amazon market floods with low price competitors.

Selling On Amazon
Increase your profit margins by selling at retail rather than wholesale

Profit Breakdown
MAP price – (cost of goods + Amazon fees + inbound shipping + 5% Cart Logic fee)

More profit on every unit sold at MAP-enforced prices.

Will my sales drop when I shift away from Amazon

The short answer is NO, assuming you have the experience to maintain product pages, ship and project inventory, and manage your listing properly. CartLogic manages your listing accordingly to prevent this from happening. If you don’t have previous experience working with the Amazon channel, then there is a good chance that sales could decrease. We take specific steps to ensure that products continue to sell at the same rate they have sold historically, while simultaneously increasing sales.

Can I try your services on a couple products or do I have to move all products over?

Yes, you can try our services on a couple products and partner to determine best path moving forward. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. We will look at your product base and lay out a plan that’s best suited for you.